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Windows Tinting Law

The window tinting law is what about window tints can be fitted to the different windows on our vehicle, Windows behind the B pillar, in other words the rear windows behind the drivers and passengers front doors, you can fit any shades of window tint, as dark or light as you want.

 If any car is built after 1971,the car windscreen must be at least 75% VLT or visible light transmission.
The top area of the windscreen of car can be tinted about seventy to seventy-five percentage or more in a strip and it must be of wipers reach and also we should notice it. In vehicles, we get to see there are two ways of glass of all the windows. Only rear windows do not have these two-way glasses. This tinting window reduce the glare from the sun. But in many states, they are very strict in this matter according to car tinting law. They prohibit the level of tints that allowed. And the tint laws also say that if rear windows are tinted thirty-five percentage VLT(visible light transmission) or below than the percentage, the vehicle must have rearview mirrors. It must be dueled
Exterior also. Now we can clean tinted glasses. It is very easy to clean. Anyone can try it. But we have to be careful enough also. We can clean the windows by paper towels, handkerchiefs and other soft things. But while cleaning the windows we should see where the dirt or fingerprints are. We should clean it at first. We can use any liquid also. But that must be marked as Ammonia-free. We should not use
Ammonia containing liquid on tinted windows.



On the front door windows, the maximum legal limit is 35% VLT or visible light transmission, which means that the film has to allow 35% of the light to pass

through it and only uppermost 10% of windshields may be tinted and in back side or rear windows, it must have 20% VLT.


VLT or visible light transmission is the process where how much window tint protects we get to know. Actually the amount of light passing through the window is known as VLT.



With high demand for car window tinting both new and old car owners want to use it. As a result the rise of old vehicle owners is getting increased. The owners are

now eager to tint the windows in their old vehicle rather buying the new car.



(i) if we tints the windows it controls the climate

(ii) Protects the interior of car

(iii)don’t allow to enter the harmful ultra violate rays up to 99% etc.