How to Protect Your Vehicles Windscreens

Despite having windscreen replacement and repair services available near you, replacing your car windscreens can be stressful and time-consuming. You can hire professionals to get your personal vehicle’s windscreen replaced or repaired on an immediate basis. However, if you have been witnessing frequent damages to windscreens, there are a few tips for you to protect windscreens instead of having to call a professional too often.

In this blog, we present some useful tips that can help you protect your vehicle’s windscreens from damages like cracks, holes, and chips.

Maintain distance from other vehicles

While taking your car out on the road, make sure to leave a reasonable amount of distance between your car and the one in front of you while driving. Maintaining this distance between your car and the one ahead will help prevent car accidents and will also keep stones and debris away from damaging your car’s windscreen.

Stay away from construction vehicles

To further avoid the need for windscreen repairs, it is preferable to not drive behind huge and heavy construction vehicles, especially those that carry construction materials. By maintaining a distance from construction vehicles ahead, you are making sure that your vehicle is not affected by stones, gravel, and other small and hard objects. Construction vehicles that you must avoid driving behind include cement trucks, gravel-hauling trucks, and loaded trailers or tractors.

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Be careful while parking your vehicle

Vehicle windscreens are at risk of damage not just while driving but also when you leave it parked somewhere on the road. To stay away from requiring another windscreen replacement anytime soon, ensure that you park your vehicle under a roof or shelter and avoid parking it in places with a risk of falling leaves, stones, gravel or objects.

Temperature Changes

Temperature or climatic conditions will certainly affect the condition of your vehicle’s windscreens. During winters, it becomes important to scrape the ice settled on your vehicles. It is best to take additional precautions when dealing with temperature effects, such as scraping the ice very carefully without damaging the surface of windscreens or avoiding pouring hot water on windscreens that are covered with ice. It is also advisable to not turn the defroster/heater of your car to the highest setting immediately; instead one must turn on the defroster slowly and gradually. Protecting your vehicle’s windscreens during weather changes can be an effective way to delay your need for a windscreen replacement or repair.

Regular Inspection

Because vehicle windscreens are always at a high risk of getting damaged, it is recommended to schedule a routine inspection with a professional service provider. Hiring professionals to check if you need an urgent windscreen repair or replacement can help you avoid serious and long-term damages to your vehicle’s windscreens.

If you have the slightest doubt about something going wrong with your windscreen, it is best to act immediately and hire windscreen replacement experts for a quick inspection. Always keep an eye out for small cracks or chips on windscreens for you to deal with replacement or repair needs efficiently and promptly.


The cost of a windscreen replacement in Australia can cost anything between $200 and $1200. Several factors affect the price that you’ll pay for getting windshields repaired or replaced by professionals, like the size, age, make and model of your vehicle, the severity of the damage, insurance claims, etc. Replacement costs also depend on the features and gadgets equipped with your vehicle and windscreens. For example, if your car has advanced sensors, tinted windscreens or digital displays, repairing and replacing windshields can be a bit more expensive. It is best to check with your service provider for estimated costs and best deals to replace your car windscreens.

Many service providers accept insurance claims that cover windscreen repairs in Australia. In such cases, it is recommended that you check your insurance terms and conditions and also discuss the same with providers before getting replacement tasks started. Insurance policies often cover a wide range of repair services for windshields, and also offer glass coverage that make replacements almost free of cost. You can also contact trusted windshield replacement providers in your region for the best insurance claims and policies if you don’t have one.

Insurance Claims

Windscreen replacement insurance makes a lot of sense especially when you feel that you’re running out of budget. Many insurance companies offer policies that will cover windshield replacement and repairs for other damage either fully or partially. Ideally, you must discuss and confirm the extent of coverage on your insurance/car insurance policy with your provider. Because even replacing or repairing a tiny chip can cost you anywhere from $200 to $1000, customers on the lookout for affordable windshield replacement in Perth can rely on a wide range of insurance claims to cut down their costs.

Comprehensive car insurance policies may also cover windscreen repairs and replacements for customers. However, to ensure that you’re able to claim replacements costs as effectively as possible, excess-free windshield replacement can be added to any of the car insurance policies that you own. Replacement service providers in Perth can also offer you options to help you choose the right insurance claim and partnering with reliable insurance companies near you. You may also check other insurance options such as Third-party fire and theft insurance, third-party car insurance, and Ride share insurance claims. Some benefits that come with insurance policy coverage are:

  • Windscreen replacement companies are either chosen by the customer or the insurance provider depending on the type of claim made
  • Optional upgrades are available on certain kinds of claims, offering greater flexibility for customers to choose from
  • Customers go through a hassle-free process when they tie-up with replacement providers operating within the insurer’s network
  • Insurance claims also offer a lifetime guarantee on windscreen replacements and repairs by in-network providers in Perth.