Lintel Replacement

We, Joondalup Windscreens (Perth) use top grade Australian standards which is Code No. 4680 Hot Dip Galvanizating Lintels. Brickwork around home windows, doorways and openings should be supported via arch bars and lintels. Through the years these supports need to be replaced due deterioration and rust.
It’s miles essential to repair arch bars and lintels early to defend your home towards in addition damage to the surrounding place. The primary time which you become privy to a trouble is whilst you word a crack for your brickwork beginning from the pinnacle corners of your window or establishing.

Once a lintel has started to rust it’s far almost not possible to treat the scouse borrow while it is at the wall. The only way to cope with the trouble of rusted lintels is a substitute.
If left unattended arch bar damage may additionally bring about structural cracks and instability consisting of water penetration.


In case your lintel desires replacing there has already been structural harm happening close to by. If not dealt with by any individual with revel in addition damage might also occur, whilst the antique lintel is being removed. The harm desires to be assessed on its merits.
There are numerous one-of-a-kind materials utilized in older homes. These older substances should be cautiously considered; as they count number both structurally and aesthetically, whilst mixing new work with old.
We take the time to ensure safety of flowerbeds, driveways and all becoming a member of region’s and so forth., into consideration at the same time

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