Step 1 – Meeting

  • Set up a initial on-web page assembly, a visible inspection will in most instances be sufficient to propose which walls are load bearing and require a structural beam set up – Non load bearing can be removed without a beam being mounted, but a few houses may additionally require an extra publish or pier to guide the structural integrity of the home.

Step 2 – Planning

  • If a structural amendment, we can engage a structural engineer to length the beams and posts, and set up the most suitable approach to help the shape all through the wall removal technique. Manufacture structural metal works in our factory to engineer’s specs.

Step 3 – Council Approval

  • If the structural modifications to your property require local council constructing approval, we can liaise with your nearby council, draft and publish the application with a description of works. on your local council can have a replica of your unique plans on record.

Step 4 – Site Preparation

  • Arrange any disconnection and termination of associated plumbing or electric offerings in guidance for the wall elimination and demolition. As wall elimination may be a messy affair, we are able to shield floors and provide dust safety throughout the demolition.

Step 5 – Wall Removal

  • The shape might be supported as advocated by the Structural Engineer’s report, partitions demolished and eliminated, new piers or posts set up, new load bearing beams or lintels geared up, new or existing walls re-constructed or fortified in brick or framed.

Step 5 – Installation

  • Present doorways and home windows may be blocked in after elimination, or new doors and windows may be fitted as per the layout of the plan. set up of relocated plumbing and electrical services where ever needed.

Step 5 – Finishing

  • Finalise ceilings and walls repair in plaster or gyprock. Carpentry repairs to frames and surrounds. Floors repairs in concrete or timber. Additional works can include tiling or painting and other finishes if required.

Step 5 – Cleaning and Handover

  • Cleaning the site, prepare for final builder inspection. Arrange¬†waste and rubbish removal. Issue Structural Engineer’s certificate of inspection. Client inspection, sign off and handover.