Perth Windscreens Cost

Get the Windscreen replacement or repairs our Perth residents recommend! We have been fixing Perth windscreens for over 35 years and have a full 5-star rating from all our happy customers.

One of the most unpleasant situations that can happen to a driver is a broken windscreen. The reason for this may be a stone thrown out from under the wheels of another vehicle or maybe a small accident and many others. But getting your windscreen replacement from Joondalup windscreens is far from unpleasant. Rest assured our mobile Perth windscreens replacement team are fully accredited and insured. Meaning that we can come to your home or pace of work at a time convenient for you.

There are many fears regarding the procedure for removing and installing a windscreen. Therefore, car owners are often afraid to change the windscreen, as they believe that it is very expensive. We stock nearly all types of windscreens and are able to discount the retail price. So give us a call today, and we will give you the best price for and Perth windscreens.

How much is Perth Windscreens replacement?

It is often dangerous to use the car with a damaged windscreen and only professional replacement can solve this problem. Depending on the model of your car the price of windscreen replacement in Perth can vary significantly: from $250-300 for old small cars to more than $1000 for new expensive models. We will try our best to beat any quote you have.

When do you need to replace the windscreen?

Two main reasons make it necessary to replace a windscreen.

– Moisture penetration from under the seal. The leakage between the glass and the car body is often caused by the presence of a non-glued area. If your insurance does not cover windscreen replacement, it has to be done on your own. Sometimes when a hole is detected it is possible to eliminate the leak by filling the gap with sealant. If you can’t get rid of the leak, you will have to completely re-glue the glass.

– Windscreen damage. Many motorists have encountered troubles such as cracks and deep scratches on the windscreen. They gradually grow, forming a whole “web” on the windscreen. In this case, you will not pass the state technical inspection, and the using of the vehicle will be unsafe.

If there is slight damage, you can repair cracks, otherwise, the glass must be replaced.

When you should change the windscreen?

As a rule, experts advise a complete windscreen replacement if the length of the crack on the glass is more than 70 mm. Also, the glass must be completely replaced if the chip diameter is more than 16 mm.
Besides, a complete replacement is necessary if the damage to the glass is directly in front of the driver. It is noteworthy that in this case the replacement should be made, even if the size of chips or cracks is less than the above criteria.

The windscreen also must be repaired if the crack is situated in less than 10 cm from the edge.

Is it legal to drive a car with a broken windscreen?

Many car owners will try to immediately change a cracked windshield, but what if there is no way to immediately replace it? Is it legal to operate such a car? Let’s figure it out.

Law states that it is prohibited to operate a car without a windscreen if it is provided by the manufacturer. The law also prohibits the presence of cracks on Perth windscreens in the wiper cleaning area of half of the glass located on the driver’s side.

The cracked glass will not be significantly hazardous. Some drivers drive with such glass for years. But several factors influence safe driving. For example, a crack distracts attention, makes it difficult to see the road, the driver unconsciously looks at the crack. At night or in conditions of insufficient visibility, a crack can cause light blindness to the driver.

In modern cars, installed windscreens even after destruction provide sufficient visibility that allows you to stop safely. However, it is illegal to continue driving with the damaged windscreen. In case you are not sure if you can drive your car with the small damage on the windscreen, you should give us a call today, and we can help you.

It is always better not to take risks and just replace the damaged windscreen, as it will guarantee you a safe drive and even can save your life.