A car is the most possessed possession by you and your family. Thus, we in Joondalup windscreens we exactly know about your sentiments attached with your car. We can understand that it is heart-breaking if your car met with an accident and you got your windscreens cracked. Cracked windscreens are not only saddening and annoying, but it is extremely dangerous as chipped glass will make driving all the more difficult and hence will pose a greater impact on you and your family.

All windscreen damage does not require complete replacement, but many damages can be easily repairable. If in case you have a cracked windscreen, our advice is to get it repaired as soon as possible.

You can easily replace your windscreen on your vehicle on your own. However, there are necessary precautions to be taken to avoid any risk of damaging it.

You also need access to proper tools, such as BTB or knife, suction pump, primer specific to the urethane, lint free cloth, a good window cleaner, cold knife and powder free latex gloves and good quality supportive tapes.

And lastly, you need to carefully clean the glasses before and after the procedure for smooth and effective installation process and clear-cut visibility, respectively.

The question that whether you can get your cracked windscreens repaired in Australia is YES, Joondalup Windscreens Perth have the expertise in fixing broken, chipped or cracked windscreens.

Serving for half a century, we are one of the most trusted windscreen repairs.

Now that you know all the necessary tools required to take on the windscreen replacement (Perth) task, let us discuss some precautionary steps that you should take before starting.

Necessary precautions to take before the windscreen replacement process

First of, you will need to purchase a new windscreen from an original parts dealer or a reputable after market distributor whose glass meets the vehicle manufacturer’s safety standards. Since, it is important to eliminate the risks of purchasing a defected or second-hand windscreen.

Once you have purchased the required windscreen, you can start the installation process. Before you do keep these instructions in mind:

  • Firstly, you will need to have it cleaned thoroughly.
  • Take extra care and precaution and do the cleaning as gently a possible.
  • Use a safe and renowned window cleaning brand or contact your local window screen replacement specialist for advice. Don’t risk it!
  • Make sure that the outer black ceramic is free from dirt, dust and grease.
  • Once cleaned, you will need a suitable primer to install the window screen.
  • Make sure to use a lint free cloth for it.
  • Selecting the primer is crucial as it needs to be specific to the urethane. So, it is better to consult a professional. Avoid taking unnecessary risks. It is just a matter of few bucks!
  • After spreading the primer, make sure the area is not touched with your hands as oil or other residues from your hand may affect the effect of the urethane from adhering to the glass tightly.
  • After the windscreen has been cleaned and primed, you will need to mould the glass.
  • However, ensure that you are wearing powder free latex gloves to do the task to avoid the risk of loosening its fastening.


The process of removing the current windscreen from the vehicle

Let us directly hit the topic now!

  1. First, you will have to remove all the surrounding moulds from the bottom plenum chamber and windscreen wipers. Once, you have removed all the mouldings, use a cold knife or a “drag knife” as called by some to cut the existing urethane bonding from all sides of the windscreen. After breaking the bond between glass and urethane, use an Olfa or BTB knife to cut through the lower section of the glass from the urethane from inside the car.
  2. After loosening the bond, use a suction pump (very important) to lift out the windscreen. It can be very heavy, so for safety precaution, two people are preferable. Then cut through the old urethane from the body of the vehicles using a sharp knife preferably olfa or BTB. However, you need to leave 1-2 mm of urethane attached to the body.
  3. Clean the surface area of the car successfully removing all the dust, dirt and grease from it. Pick the suitable prime as discussed above and apply the primer. However, make sure that all the scratches and exposed metal surfaces are properly covered. Since, this will help prevent the body from rusting that might happen later on.
  4. You have to use a large caulking gun to apply the certified automotive urethane to the primed glass surface area. However, it needs to be done with a lot of care to keep the bead at the same height as the windscreen, leaving no gap in it.
  5. You need suction pump to attach the windscreen to the vehicle. Call another person to help you carry the screen and place it into the correct position. You have to ensure that a good contact between the body surface and urethane has been made.
  6. Once in the correct position, gently press the windscreen down and apply tapes to seal it from any unnecessary movement. Re-fit all the necessary mouldings around the plenum chamber and windscreen wipers and clean the outside of the windscreen well enough. Keep the windows of the vehicles open while closing the door or else, it might put pressure on your urethane as the primer will still be wet and could cause the seal from breaking out or creating a hole from the air pressure.

Wait for a certain amount of time, at least an hour or more, for which it is best to contact a windscreen replacement and repairs (Perth) specialist, before removing the tapes from the windscreen and you are good to go!

Some myths associated with windscreen repair

It is wrong to think that in cases of small cracks you have to change the entire windscreen, but in actual scenario complete windscreen replacement in only required when there is severe damage to the windscreen.

The majority of the people worry that when they need to get a windshield replacement done, it will be both time consuming and pocket-drenching process which will require them to take their car into the repair shop and will leave them without a vehicle for days on end. And, hence they feel reluctant and keep postponing the repair process. Though, this misconception is not the reality of the situation.

Why choose us?

However, you don’t have to worry as in Joondalup Windshield replacement experts are very flexible to suit the needs of their customers. We assure all your demands and requests get fulfilled within the most pocket-friendly price.
We are the most reliable windscreen replacement service in the north of Perth. We have also won the Top gun award for providing the best and outstanding achievements in automotive glass.

Fine experts who are working with us assure that the repair is not visible to the naked eye.

So, if in case you are in Perth, Australia then you can come to Joondalup windscreens to get your automobile glass repaired.

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